Thanks to Benjamin Prunty

Our last guest speaker was Benjamin Prunty. He made music for games. He likes popand rock music and he can play the electronic guitar.

Besides playing music, Benjamin Prunty also did some work on sounds effect and music. Our student, Mike asked him a question. He wondered if he wanted to play the electronic guitar, where should he start. Benjamin suggested him playing a game called Rocksmith and practise more.

Thanks to Benjamin Prunty at last!

Thanks to Dave Mark

Today our guest speaker is Dave Mark. He is the world-famous game ai expert. He is heavy and humourous. 

Some students asked question to him. He said that the game ai's aim is not to kill the players every time but to make the game more fun. He didn't know if ai will as clever as humans. But the way to practise ai is truly to make ai more similar to humans or dogs or dragons. Dave's speak made me get a lot.

Thanks to Dave Mark.

Board Game

Today I made a board game with my partner Evangelin. It was a game called solar system. The ludus is to seize the solar system. The Paida is a little complex. The player can get point and technology point. 
The player can use points to buy weapons and skills to attack other players and ein the game. The narrative is the war behind the solar system.

Thanks to Noah Falstein

Today our guest speaker is Noah Falstein. He is the chief game designer in Google. Unluckily, the Skype connection was not very good.

Many students asked question. One question was about Google's future products and game type. To my surprise, Noah doesn't has play station 4 or xbox360. Maybe Google will make some cooler ones. Noah also talked about his opinions on ludologist and narratologist.

At last, thanks to Noah Falstein again.

Final Project

Final Project

We are going to make our final project soon. I choose three projects.

1. Processing Animation

This is the only project that I can manage wholly. It's interseting because I can create my own creature and make it move.

2. Simulations

In simulations I made a game. It's a maze and I thought it's very interesting. But the game need to be uograted.

3. Ardunios

It's a simple machine and easy to learn. It's interesting because I can make the lights on or add songs that I like.


What is AI ?

AI is Artificial Intelligence. It can istead humans or even do better.

Artificial means made by human and Intelligence means think and art logically. 

As an example, today my game Paper, Scissor, Stone has its ai. At first it is random, but after a time it can be smarter and it's harder to win the ai.

But in a word, AI is man-made. The humans are still the cleverest. AI is only a way to improve ourselves.

AI-GAME: Paper,Scissor,Stone

AI-GAME: Paper,Scissor,Stone

Today we made a simple game: paper, scissor, stone. But we added AI to this game. The AI is a little random, but it is smart. 

You can click the pictures to make your choice. The picture on the top will change if you win, lose or tied.

Thanks to Tronster Hartley

Today we talked to Tronster Hartley by Skype. He is a programmer and game designer.

At first he intoduced himself and talked about his highschool and college. He has been joining the making of the famous game Civilization series. I've hearrd this game before and I've planed to play it.

He said that psychology was very important and so was programming. His daily life is not very busy and he has the time to drink a cup of coffee. Although he is a famous programmer, he still need to learn and improve himself.

Thanks to Tronster Hartley again!